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This service provides cryo-Fluorescence Microscopy imaging including sample preparation by plunge-freezing and grids clipping. A maximum of 1 specimen can be processed per unit of service, maximum 4 samples (i.e. replicates) can be prepared per specimen. Glow discharging will be performed by either a Pelco EasyGlow, a Quorum GloQube, or Solarus II plasma cleaner device. Plunge-freezing will be performed on a Thermo Scientific Vitrobot Mk IV or a Leica EM GP2. Applicants may provide TEM grid supports of preference, otherwise the Facility Staff will use the available TEM grid supports. Widefield imaging will be performed on a Leica Thunder cryo-CLEM system. Confocal imaging will be performed on a Leica Stellaris 5 cryo-CLEM system equipped with white light laser. Both microscopes are equipped with a 50x \ 0.9 NA lens. This service is provided for a maximum of 8 continuous hours per unit of service, including plunging, clipping, and imaging. In case of User-provided already-clipped grids (in Thermo Scientific cartridges), these will be inspected by Facility Staff prior to acceptance. This service will only be performed by Facility Staff.