• Derailing molecular cargo trains in cilia makes them turn around

    Researchers at the Human Technopole and Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics show how molecular cargo trains change direction in cellular micro-antennas. Cilia are antenna-like structures that protrude outwards from the surface of eukaryotic cells. Misassembled cilia in humans can cause numerous diseases from infertility to lung malfunction. The assembly and maintenance […]

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  • Cilia trains

    Cilia in 3D: Miniature train station discovered

    Cilia are hair-like organelles that extend from most eukaryotic cells and perform many functions, including motility and signaling. Together with collaborators at the University of Geneva (Hamel-Guichard lab) and Biozentrum, University of Basel (Engel Lab), Dr. Gaia Pigino’s Group at the Human Technopole in Milan has now revealed that cilia have a specialised transport hub […]

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  • New tools for the analysis of CRISPR-Cas9 screens

    Supervised classification methods can be used for the analysis of genetic screens obtained through the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology. Nevertheless, these methods require large sets of reference genes to be included among those targeted with CRISPR. Alessandro Vinceti, of the Iorio Group, presents a novel computational method to identify reference gene sets of minimal size […]

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  • Francesca Ieva on Lombardy Region Taskforce

    Our Associate Head of the Health Data Science Centre has been appointed to a new task force created by Lombardy Region which aims to reduce waiting lists and verify the proper management in the provision of health services to citizens. The task force includes members from Lombardy Region Welfare General Management, ATS, ASST, Lombardy Health […]

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  • HT at the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano

    The works on display at the 23rd International Exhibition, “Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries”, also include two microscopy images created by Human Technopole researchers. The unknown, the mysterious, what we “know we don’t know”. This is the theme at the heart of the exhibition, curated by Ersilia Vaudo, astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer of […]

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Human Technopole plays an active role in communicating science effectively.

Our outreach activity kicked off while the construction of our laboratories was still ongoing. The development of our scientific activity will allow us to share HT’s works through communication campaigns, events, initiatives and dissemination activities aimed at a large and diverse audience: children, students, teachers and citizens from all walks of life.

  • MIND

    MIND Milano Innovation District is Milan’s new city district dedicated to science, research and innovation. A real city within a city that looks to the future with a vision that combines scientific, academic and environmental aspects. Alongside Research hospital Galeazzi and Milan University, Human Technopole is one of the leading actors of MIND. We work […]

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  • Festival delle Scienze

    What is the role of life sciences when facing global challenges? Discoveries in the field of genetics, molecular biology or evolution can improve but also pose a threat to our quality of life. Human Technopole is among the scientific partners of the XVI edition of Festival delle Scienze from 22 to 28 November 2021 in […]

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  • HT presents – Dialogues on science and society

    The Human Technopole Foundation is pleased to invite you to a series of events to discuss science, innovation and society. In line with its mission, Human Technopole organises meetings, initiatives and activities aimed at promoting scientific dissemination to reinforce the message that science is a public good. Each ‘HT presents’ will take the cue from the recent publication of […]

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  • Science for all

    Scientific and social research together for Science for All: how scientific research can improve the journey of life, a project curated by Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, with Human Technopole and Arexpo to strengthen the link between citizenship and sustainable, concrete, equitable and accessible development aimed at improving our quality of life.

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  • Associazione Civita

    Human Technopole and Associazione Civita kick off the new year by signing a memorandum of understanding to carry out joint activities to promote scientific culture and dissemination of knowledge. HT is the new Italian research institute for life sciences. As part of its mission, HT aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and […]

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  • Cover RMN


    In his article of 5 February, Massimo Sideri – editor in chief of Corriere Innovazione – wrote about overlooked scientists: those men and women who gave a fundamental contribution to scientific progress but whose names are often unknown. We took up his appeal and were inspired to create #RememberMyName, a social campaign to share the […]

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