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  • Introducing: Fernanda Pinheiro

    Fernanda Pinheiro is fascinated with the emergence of simplicity in systems with multiple interacting parts.¬†How do simple laws emerge from what seems overwhelmingly complex at the microscopic scale? How do interactions shape observables in nature?¬†These questions are at the core of her research interests, from quantum mechanics to the intersection of systems biology, ecology, and […]

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  • A novel view on mammalian brain development

    Brain contains billions of specialised cells called neurons that are key to the functioning of the nervous system. Development and evolution of the brain have been linked to the growth and size of its outer layer ‚Äď the neocortex ‚Äď which controls consciousness, emotion, and reasoning, as well as language and memory. In mammals, the […]

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  • Nucleolar organisation drives ribosome biogenesis

    Ribosomes are complex molecular machines that produce proteins, the key building blocks of all cells. They consist of a small and a large subunit that mature separately and subsequently come together to form a functional ribosome. Ribosome biogenesis is complex: it starts with the synthesis of small- and large-subunit precursors in the nucleolus ‚Äď a defined sub compartment of the cell nucleus. Nucleoli are very peculiar organelles that […]

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  • Iain Mattaj honoured with German Cross of Merit

    Human Technopole Director, former EMBL Director General, Professor Iain Mattaj was awarded the German Cross of Merit (‚ÄėVerdienstkreuz 1. Klasse des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland‚Äô) at a ceremony held at EMBL Heidelberg on 9 September 2021. The honour recognises Professor Mattaj‚Äôs commitment to the German public and the common good through fostering and increasing the interaction and dialogue between EMBL and the German community […]

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  • Expanding our Data Centre

    Among HT‚Äôs six core facilities, there is a high performing Data Centre to store, manage and analyse huge amounts of data and information and support researchers‚Äô activities. Once Human Technopole is fully operational the Data Centre will be in a new technical area which complements the South Building and will support the computational needs of […]

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  • HT on SuperQuark

    Defeating tumours thanks to the support of computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians. Creating predictive models and virtual simulations to prevent and cure cancer, favouring the spread of an increasingly personalised medicine. This is the aim of Human Technopole‚Äôs Computational Biology Research Centre which was the focus of an episode SuperQuark. For over 25 years, Superquarkhas made science […]

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Human Technopole plays an active role in communicating science effectively.

Our outreach activity kicked off while the construction of our laboratories was still ongoing. The development of our scientific activity will allow us to share HT’s works through communication campaigns, events, initiatives and dissemination activities aimed at a large and diverse audience: children, students, teachers and citizens from all walks of life.

  • HT presents ‚Äď Dialogues on science and society

    The Human Technopole Foundation is pleased to invite you to a series of events to discuss science, innovation and society. In line with its mission, Human Technopole organises meetings, initiatives and activities aimed at promoting scientific dissemination to reinforce the message that science is a public good. Each ‚ÄėHT presents‚Äô will take the cue from the recent publication of […]

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  • MIND Education

    Once again, Human Technopole takes part in MIND Education activities now in their fourth edition and organised together with MIND partners. Activities for elementary, middle and high school students as well as a Call4Ideas dedicated to universities to bring young people closer to the world of science, research and innovation.

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  • Science for all

    Scientific and social research together for Science for All: how scientific research can improve the journey of life, a project curated by Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, with Human Technopole and Arexpo to strengthen the link between citizenship and sustainable, concrete, equitable and accessible development aimed at improving our quality of life.

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