Training at HT

Human Technopole aims to support researchers in their scientific and career development by providing training in topics and technologies at the forefront of biomedical and life science research, and actively promoting the career development of scientists at all career stages.

Training at Human Technopole is both inward-and outward-facing, developing and offering advanced training opportunities to scientists working at HT as well as to external scientists. HT’s dynamic and multidisciplinary nature provides an ideal environment to promote the development of talented young scientists.

Training activities at HT are inclusive and designed to promote a diverse environment.

External training

The overarching and inspiring theme for HT’s external training activities is to create a centre of excellence for training promising researchers in the biomedical sciences, while enabling broad access to HT’s expertise, methods and resources.


Training events for external scientists include conferences, symposia, workshops, and both theoretical and practical courses at the forefront of scientific and technological development in specific areas or technologies related to HT science and highly relevant for modern biomedical research.

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Scientific Visitors at HT

HT welcomes members of the national and international research community to spend time at its premises for research collaborations, to learn and/or teach cutting-edge methods and technologies, or to use HT infrastructure and facilities.

If you wish to join HT as Scientific Visitor, please contact the relevant Group Leader or Head of Facility (Scientific Host), including your CV and a motivation letter explaining the purpose of the visit. Scientific Visitors are in principle welcome to join HT, provided that there is mutual interest between them and the Scientific Host.

A list of all research groups and facilities at HT can be found here.

Internal Training

The goal of internal training at HT is to enable our scientists to reach their full potential as independent researchers and future leading scientists. Internal training activities address, but are not limited to, trainees, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, as well as HT Group Leaders.

In-house doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, and young Group Leaders, who for the first time independently lead research groups or service teams, benefit from mentoring programmes and career development activities, as well as from top-level scientific training opportunities.

Interdisciplinary research is especially encouraged, for example through joint PhD or postdoc projects across different HT Research Groups or Research Centres.

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