Our Research

Human Technopole’s research is based on a mix of fundamental and translational research. We host extensive core expertise in basic research in areas relevant for the understanding of human biology and physiology.
Translational and more medically oriented research, on the other hand, will be conducted largely in collaboration with external organisations, including clinical research and industrial partners.

Our contribution to human health is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human biology, aimed at understanding the basic mechanisms that regulate physiology and disease, to help tackle some of the most relevant challenges to human health.

Collectively, Human Technopole’s research works to advance our understanding and to help develop novel therapeutic strategies for various disease groups, including some chronic and degenerative diseases.

Five broad, complementary and highly relevant areas for biomedical and health-related research have been selected to form the basis for Human Technopole’s research strategy in the upcoming years: Genomics, Neurogenomics, Structural Biology, Computational Biology and a focus on public health and healthcare systems with the Health Data Science Centre, a joint collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.