HEAD: Giuseppe Testa

The Neurogenomics Research Centre will investigate the mechanisms of human neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases, ranging from neurodevelopmental to neurodegenerative disorders, combining basic and translational research through different experimental systems and computational approaches (from brain organoids to animal models to epidemiological cohorts) to probe the structure, function and development of the nervous system at multiple scales of resolution.

Centre members

Research groups

  • Kalebic Group

    The research of the Kalebic Group focuses on the molecular and cell biological mechanisms underlying human neocortex development and its implications for human evolution and neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Testa Group

    The Testa Group harnesses the unprecedented potential of cell reprogramming to study the molecular basis of human neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases (NPD), by chasing the dynamics of their unfolding in physio pathologically relevant models and straddling multiple scales of analysis from single cell resolution to organismal function.