HEAD - Functional Genomics: Piero Carninci HEAD - Population & Medical Genomics: Nicole Soranzo

The Research Centre for Genomics will pursue research aimed at uncovering the complex mechanisms governing gene expression and how heritable genetic information translates into phenotypic traits.

Applied to humans, and in the context of precision medicine, this type of research can identify molecular targets and markers for disease prevention, early detection, and personalised treatment. In addition to carrying out genetic and genomic studies with a focus on (but not limited to) disease-associated mechanisms, the Centre for Genomics will promote and help implement large-scale genomic screening projects for patient stratification.

The Research Centre for Genomics will be composed of two complementary research programmes in Population and Medical Genomics (i.e. the use of genomic information to pinpoint the genetic causes of specific defects) and in Functional Genomics (i.e. the development and use of new methods to study the relation between the individual genome and biological function).

Centre members

Research groups

  • Carninci Group

    The Carninci Group strive to develop and broadly use technologies to comprehensively study the non-protein-coding part of the genome, its function and interactome.

  • Soranzo Group