National Facility for Genomics

The National Facility for Genomics (GenO)  provides state-of-the-art and innovative services in genomics. Its core mission is to implement robust experimental and analytical workflows to probe all major domains of genomic exploration, including but not limited to the analysis of DNA, RNA, chromatin and other markers of epigenetic and regulatory activity. These techniques can be applied to diverse areas of biology, with resolution spanning to whole organisms, to tissues or individual cells. Overall, NF GenO aims to empower research in all domains of genomics for the Italian scientific community at large.

The NF for Genomics foresees four Infrastructural Units (IU):

  • INFRASTRUCTURAL UNIT 1 High Throughput Sequencing
  • INFRASTRUCTURAL UNIT 2 Multi-Omics Technologies
  • INFRASTRUCTURAL UNIT 3 Computational Genomics
  • INFRASTRUCTURAL UNIT 4 Technology Development

Available equipment

  • NovaSeq 6000 Illumina
  • MiSeq Illumina
  • NextSeq 2000 Illumina
  • PromethION 48 Oxford Nanopore
  • Spectrum Compact Promega
  • Chromium Controller and one Chromium X 10x Genomics
  • Chromium Connect 10x Genomics
  • BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System BD Bioscience
  • CellenONE f1.4 ScienION
  • TapeStation 4200 Agilent
  • Fragment Analyzer Agilent
  • FEMTO Pulse Agilenti
  • Bravo NGS Workstations Agilent Option A and Option B
  • Automated system Biomek i7 integrated with Echo525 Acoustic Dispender
  • Covaris E220 Focused ultrasonicator
  • Glomax Discover Microplate Reader Promega
  • GeoMX Digital Saptial Profiler Nanostring

Facility members