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Development and execution of custom gene editing projects.

This service is designed to offer expertise and technical support for the implementation of genome engineering projects that demand customized approaches not presently covered by off-the-shelf knock-out and knock-in editing services.

The proposal should provide a thorough explanation of the rational, goals, and expected outcomes to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation.

Tailored gene editing projects involve completing sequential checkpoints before moving on to the implementation of the proposed experiment (Phase 3). Throughout these phases, significant interaction with the applicant is expected.

  • Phase 1 (Strategy design): A tailored strategy will be designed following preliminary meetings and discussed with the applicant before proceeding to the next phase.
  • Phase 2 (Strategy validation): The designed approach will undergo testing in the relevant cell line to assess its effectiveness (efficiency, locus accessibility, …).
  • Phase 3 (Target editing generation): Upon successful completion of Phase 2, the validated approach will be applied to generate the desired cell line.