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This service is dedicated to projects where specific single molecule assays have been already established or, alternatively, should be combined with ‘assay development’ service as a simple ‘package’. Examples of experiments currently performed routinely by the unit: (i) detecting changes to DNA structure upon protein binding e.g., melting, looping, compaction; (ii) characterizing protein behaviour upon binding to DNA (diffusion, direct motion, interactions with other proteins). This service can be performed by the Facility Staff or by a trained User. The training can be provided by the unit as part of this service. Full training typically requires 3-5 days. The User can spend up to 10 days at the Facility. The work can be split into two visits. Original data will be handed to the User as .h5 files. The unit will assist the User in accessing the files using Pylake. In case of kymographs, the Facillty Staff can provide a short training on existing tools such as Lakeview.