High-resolution Cryo-TEM Imaging

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This service provides high-resolution cryo-TEM data collection of vitrified specimens. According to instrument availability and experimental needs, data collection will be carried out either on 200kV or 300kV microscope systems. A maximum of 1 specimen can be imaged per unit of service. To ensure efficient usage of high-end microscope time, a maximum of 4 grids can be loaded per unit of service. The User can provide cryo-TEM grids either unmounted or mounted on a Thermo Scientific cartridge. In case of an unmounted grid, clipping of the specimen in Thermo Scientific cartridges will be performed by Facility Staff. In case of User-provided already-clipped grids, these will be inspected by Facility Staff prior to acceptance. Imaging at 200 kV will be performed on a Thermo Scientific Glacios while imaging at 300 kV will be performed on a Thermo Scientific Titan Krios G4, both equipped with a Falcon 4i direct electron detector and a Selectris X energy filter. Imaging conditions (i.e., dose, pixel size, magnification, etc.), if requested by the User, must be compatible with the Facility best practices. Microscope access is granted for a maximum of 24 continuous hours per unit of service, including all steps from clipping to loading and TEM alignments and according to Facility Staff availability. For single-particle acquisition, User might opt for beam-image shift assisted data collection (~ 450 – 600 movies\hour) or stage movement for each hole (~ 100 – 250 movies\hour). This service will only be performed by Facility Staff.