Single-cell Immune profiling-V(D)J (10X Genomics)

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Single-cell immune profiling with 10x Genomics technology enables 5′ RNA sequencing at the single-cell level, alongside profiling T-cell and/or B-cell receptors at single-cell resolution by sequencing V(D)J regions. Cells are isolated into droplets, where RNA is barcoded at the 5′ end. cDNA synthesis and targeted amplification yields three types of libraries: GEX libraries for single-cell gene expression analysis, and libraries for TCR and BCR gene profiling. Pooled libraries undergo high-throughput Illumina sequencing. Bioinformatics tools demultiplex reads, assign to cells based on barcodes, and identify T and B cell clones, providing insights into gene expression and immune cell repertoire diversity and clonal expansion.