Single-cell multiome ATAC + Gene expression (10X Genomics)

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Single-cell multiome ATAC + Gene Expression technology by 10X Genomics enables concurrent profiling of chromatin accessibility and gene expression at the single-cell level, offering a holistic view of cellular molecular landscapes. It aids in understanding cellular diversity, identifying cell types, deciphering regulatory networks, and correlating chromatin accessibility with gene expression.

The ATAC-seq component assesses the accessibility of chromatin, offering insights into regions of the genome that are open and accessible for transcription factors and other regulatory elements. Concurrently, the RNA-seq component captures messenger RNA transcripts present in each nucleus, shedding light on active genes and their expression levels.

The workflow involves cell isolation, nuclei preparation, transposase reaction for ATAC-seq, GEM formation, reverse transcription for RNA-seq, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing, and specialized bioinformatics analysis for data processing.