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Direct RNA Sequencing with Nanopore technology sequences RNA molecules without cDNA conversion, offering real-time detection of RNA sequences and modifications. It preserves RNA’s native state, revealing insights into RNA processing and modifications. RNA extraction, adapter ligation, sequencing, and data analysis are key steps. Raw signals are base-called for RNA sequence reconstruction. This method can offer a comprehensive view of the transcriptome.

The Direct RNA Sequencing Kit (SQK-RNA004) facilitates native RNA sequencing, avoiding cDNA conversion. It supports poly(A)-tailed RNA or total RNA like eukaryotic mRNA and viral RNA. This upgrade enhances sequencing output and accuracy on the latest RNA flow cells (FLO-MIN004RA and FLO-PRO004RA). It includes reformulated priming reagents for flow cell compatibility and features fuel fix technology for extended experiment runs without additional fuel.