Sequencing only with NextSeq 2000 (Illumina)

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The NF for Genomics will provide sequencing of pools of libraries prepared by the users with the NextSeq2000 sequencing platform (Illumina).

The NextSeq 2000, an Illumina platform, is renowned for its high-throughput benchtop sequencing capabilities, offering flexibility and scalability for diverse applications. It employs sequencing-by-synthesis technology, capturing emitted fluorescence to determine DNA sequences. With versatile configurations, it supports various flow cell setups and sequencing kits, catering to different project scales. Commonly used for whole genome sequencing (WGS), RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq), targeted sequencing (including amplicon sequencing and target capture), exome sequencing, metagenomics, and ChIP-Seq and epigenomics studies, the NextSeq 2000 is pivotal in genomics research, enabling comprehensive analysis of genetic and epigenetic features across diverse biological samples.