Sequencing only with MiSeq (Illumina)

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The NF for Genomics will provide sequencing of pools of libraries prepared by the users with the MiSeq sequencing platform (Illumina).

The MiSeq, an Illumina platform, is a compact benchtop sequencer ideal for smaller-scale sequencing projects. It employs sequencing-by-synthesis technology, enabling the determination of DNA sequences via fluorescently labeled nucleotides. With compatibility with various reagent kits and chemistries, users can tailor sequencing protocols to their experiment needs. Commonly used for targeted sequencing (amplicon sequencing, target capture, and custom panels), small genome sequencing (bacterial or viral), metagenomics, 16S rRNA sequencing, small RNA-Seq for gene expression profiling, and viral genome sequencing, the MiSeq facilitates diverse applications in genomics research, particularly in microbial diversity studies and viral evolution analysis.