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If the cell is supplied with a donor DNA template, Cas9-induced DSBs can be repaired by integrating DNA sequences of various lengths using homology directed repair (HDR) mechanism. We provide Knock-In (KI) services to obtain reporter cell lines (including safe harbor integrations), edited cells harboring specific single nucleotide corrections as well as labelled proteins (e.g., with fluorescence or a protein tag).

Characterization of each engineered cell line includes:

  • Cell identity confirmation using STR analysis
  • Confirmation of desired editing via Sanger sequencing.
  • Karyotyping (Q-banding) and identification of Copy Number Variations (CNVs) at high resolution
  • Master bank post-thaw viability and mycoplasma testing.
  • Optional evaluation of undifferentiated stem cell markers and pluripotency markers upon 3-germ layer differentiation assay.

We accept cell lines in a cryopreserved state, with a minimum of 1 x 10^6 cells per cryovial.

The service typically requires 2 to 4 months for completion and includes the delivery of 1-3 clones, each provided in 10 cryopreserved vials.