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The service aims to cover the entire process of Baculovirus protein expression, starting from a Bacmid. Initially, commercial Sf9 cells are transfected with the Bacmid, supplied by the applicant, which contains the gene of interest and a fluorescence marker. The initial stage results in a low-titre Baculovirus suspension (P1 generation), followed by a second amplification (P2 generation) to produce a high-titre suspension. The P2 Baculovirus suspension could be directly used for protein expression or another round of Baculovirus amplification is performed before infecting commercial High Five insect cells (at 0.5×10^6 cells\ml). The virus amount used depends on the construct and might need optimization in initial small-scale infections. Protein expression is monitored indirectly by checking for the fluorescence marker (carried by the Bacmid) and cell viability. Finally, cells are harvested via centrifugation, and the pellet or supernatant is made available.