Call4Ideas 2021

The ‘Call 4 Ideas’ ask university and doctoral students enrolled in Italian and Italian-speaking Swiss universities to develop proposals on two of the key issues for the development of the MIND innovation district project. These are innovative licensing strategies for the MIND brand and the management and use of data generated and shared by MIND partners. The three best projects, selected by a jury of professionals and researchers, will receive a prize: five thousand euros for the winners, three thousand and two thousand euros for the second and third classified. The selected teams will present their project at the final event of MIND Education 2021.

Human Technopole participates in the call for the management and use of data generated and shared by MIND partners, to imagine new solutions, in the life sciences and beyond, based on the use of data flows of MIND actors, or on the innovative generation of such flows, through original devices and methods. A jury of professionals of the protagonists of MIND will decide the best ideas.

Ideas can be submitted by 14 May.

The regulations are available on the Triulza Foundation website.


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