Alessandra Zappulo

I am a Senior Technician in the Legnini Group. Before joining Human Technopole, I was in Berlin at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC). My Ph.D. studies were focused on the role of RNA localization and local translation in determining local proteome in neurites of neuronal cells. This work was done through an exchange program between MDC and the New York University (NYU) under the supervision of Dr. Marina Chekulaeva and Prof. Esteban O Mazzoni.

After my PhD, I moved in the lab of Dr. Robert Zinzen where I worked as a scientist. My scientific focus was on the generation of an in vitro model to study the early stage of neural tube patterning combining a 3D cell culture model (organoids) and optogenetics.

My current research project aims at dissecting even further the role of morphogens in tissue specification. To do so, I am continuing the study of neural tube formation and patterning, implementing both the use of organoids and optogenetics.