Alessia Mapelli

I’m pursuing a Research Doctorate in Data Analytics and Decision Sciences at Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Human Technopole. I recently completed my Master of Science in Mathematical Engineering, specializing in Statistical Learning. Through this program, I had the opportunity to conduct research on multi-outcome feature selection for radiogenomics in breast cancer patients. During my academic journey, I had the chance to visit the Universitetet I Oslo as part of my Erasmus experience.

My current research activity is focused on using graphs and networks to represent biological systems and understand complex disease mechanisms. Specifically, my project aims to achieve two objectives: biological inference and complex disease prediction. To accomplish this, I utilize Multi-Layer Networks (MLNs) to integrate omics networks and analyze interactions between components. By combining network analysis, graph theory, and machine learning, I aim to unravel the complexities of biological systems and provide insights for diagnosing and predicting complex diseases.

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