Ashesh Ashesh

As part of the PhD, Ashesh is trying to use Computer Vision and more generally Machine learning techniques on the Microscopy images. Given a superimposed image containing two or more overlapping structures, the aim is to get the structures in individual channels.

He completed his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India in 2015. 

For next 3 years (2016-2018), he worked in Qplum, an early stage startup from the Fintech domain where one of the things he worked on was to develop machine learning techniques to trade ETFs on several US exchanges. This module decided what and how much to Buy/Sell. Another major part of the work was setting up and maintaining automated execution algorithms which aimed to get a better price from the exchange by intelligently maneuvering the price of the order.
After spending one year doing Coursera courses on Machine learning and participating in Kaggle competitions, he joined as a Research Assistant in Computer science department of National Taiwan University in Prof. Hsuan-Tien‘s lab in 2020 and for one year, he worked on two problems from Computer Vision field: Gaze Estimation in the wild and predicting rainfall in the Taiwan region.

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