Chela Tandiwe James

  • Senior Bioinformatician - Omics Data Analysis and Integration​ Scientific Service Unit, Computational biology

A creative and pragmatic Data Analyst with varied experience and expertise in analysing sequence data, setting up bioinformatics pipelines, problem solving and delivering new data processing solutions for academic research projects, combined with a scientific background and extensive practical experience of molecular biology and genetics research techniques and analysis.


  • 10/2022 - Nature

    Phenotypic plasticity and genetic control in colorectal cancer evolution

    Genetic and epigenetic variation, together with transcriptional plasticity, contribute to intratumour heterogeneity1. The interplay of these biological processes and their respective contributions to tumour evolution remain unknown. Here we show that intratumour genetic ancestry only infrequently affects gene expression traits and subclonal evolution in colorectal cancer (CRC). Using spatially resolved paired whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing, […]