Cristina Letizia

Cristina Letizia

  • Strategy and Scientific Affairs Officer, Strategy & Scientific Affairs

After her classical studies, Cristina graduated in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. She moved to US in 2012, to study and work as a researcher at University of Florida, eventually obtaining a second master degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2013. Besides revealing how enriching it is to integrate into a society with different habits, this experience represented her stepping stone to the world of research.

She moved to Switzerland to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering and Bio-microsystems at EPFL. She designed, manufactured and tested miniaturised devices for in vivo drug testing and phenotyping analyses on animal models, for metabolic and aging assays. She also worked on clustering algorithms, to identify subpopulation behaviours and extract the most relevant phenotypic information. To carry out her research projects, Cristina established fruitful collaborations with many research groups with different expertise. This synergy allowed her to see her research results in a wider perspective and eventually publish them in peer-review journals and present at international conferences.

Without losing her fascination with research, Cristina discovered a new interest for “the other side” of science, the administration of research. She obtained a certification in Management of Innovation and Technology by the EPFL Technology Transfer Office and the PRINCE2 Foundation – Project Management certification.

Cristina started working at Human Technopole in 2018, where she manages research collaborations and partnerships and negotiates corresponding agreements. She also contributes to the Foundation’s research organisational structure and processes and to the development of research-related internal regulations and policies.