Ewan Ramsay


  • 04/2018 - Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech

    Structural rearrangements of the RNA polymerase III machinery during tRNA transcription initiation

    RNA polymerase III catalyses the synthesis of tRNAs in eukaryotic organisms. Through combined biochemical and structural characterisation, multiple auxiliary factors have been identified alongside RNA Polymerase III as critical in both facilitating and regulating transcription. Together, this machinery forms dynamic multi-protein complexes at tRNA genes which are required for polymerase recruitment, DNA opening and initiation […]

  • 08/2017 - EMBO J

    RNA polymerase I, bending the rules?

    Transcription initiation is one of the key regulatory steps in expressing the genetic information encoded in the DNA. Mechanisms of RNA Pol II transcription have been extensively studied, whereas the structural basis of RNA Pol I and III transcription is still poorly defined. Three recent studies discussed here give a first glimpse into the molecular mechanisms underlying the process of RNA Pol I transcriptional initiation and […]