Fabio Terragni

  • Member of the Management Committee delegate for Technology Transfer, CITT

Born in Milan, degree in Molecular Biology at the Milan State University and a varied professional experience: journalist and essayist, lecturer in various universities, researcher and expert for national and international institutions (including European Union, European Parliament, Council of Europe, FAO, OECD) mainly on issues related to the socio-economic and ethical impact of innovation, consultant for companies in different sectors (from communication to pharmaceutical), public administrator. He was founder and President/CEO of the North Milan Development Agency (later Milano Metropoli), BIC La Fucina, Koinetica, Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda, Tangenziale Esterna di Milano, Asansiro. From 2015 to 2021 it was President of M4, the public/private company concessionaire for project, construction and management of the new Milan underground line. He is also partner and director of Alchema, a small company specializing in the design and management of innovation projects, including the coworking for companies Co+Fabb.