Geneviève Almouzni

  • Director of research exceptional class at the CNRS

Geneviève ALMOUZNI, PhD (EMBO member, Member of the French Academy of Sciences, fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, Director of the Research Center of the Institut Curie from September 2013 to September 2018 and honorary director since then) is director of research exceptional class at the CNRS. She is Principal Investigator of the Chromatin dynamics team in the Nuclear dynamics research Unit (UMR3664 CNRS/Institut Curie) since 1999. She is a world leader in understanding genome organization and function during development and disease in particular in cancer. She has combined biochemistry, cell biology and physical approaches with advanced imaging to explore chromatin dynamics. Active in the field of epigenetics and European actions, she coordinated the EpiGeneSys Network of Excellence to move epigenetics towards systems biology.

She is highly engaged in promoting young scientist career. She received prestigious grants (ERC Advanced Grants) and awards including Woman in Sciences FEBS / EMBO (2013) and the grand prix FRM (2014). She served on the EMBO Council (Vicechair in 2014), ERC Council (2019), chair of the alliance EU-LIFE and co-chairs European FETFlagship initiative LifeTime.