Nikolai Klena

Peeking inside a cell’s antenna – EMBO interview



2021-2023 Post-doctoral EMBO fellowship


  • 10/2022 - Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol

    Structural Biology of Cilia and Intraflagellar Transport

    Cilia are ubiquitous microtubule-based eukaryotic organelles that project from the cell to generate motility or function in cellular signaling. Motile cilia or flagella contain axonemal dynein motors and other complexes to achieve beating. Primary cilia are immotile and act as signaling hubs, with receptors shuttling between the cytoplasm and ciliary compartment. In both cilia types, […]

  • 07/2022 - Science

    In situ architecture of the ciliary base reveals the stepwise assembly of intraflagellar transport trains

    The cilium is an antenna-like organelle that performs numerous cellular functions, including motility, sensing, and signaling. The base of the cilium contains a selective barrier that regulates the entry of large intraflagellar transport (IFT) trains, which carry cargo proteins required for ciliary assembly and maintenance. However, the native architecture of the ciliary base and the […]