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Call for Sponsorship No.08 - HT Explorers Day

Submission Deadline: 25/06/2024

Type of event/activity: /


We are pleased to invite all the kids of the HT staff for a day of fun and science at Human Technopole. This will be an opportunity to give them a firsthand experience to better know the environment where their parents work, while stimulating their curiosity towards scientific research and innovation.

In the afternoon, after a day of scientific experiments and fun activities, we would like to offer kids and parents a tasty “merenda”. For this purpose, we ask interested suppliers to give us their support in providing and organizing this catering service which will be attended by 100 people (including children and parents).

Date: 05/07/2024

Duration: 9.30-17.30 (catering service from 16.30-17.30)

Venue: HT Covered Piazza

Sponsor’s requirements:

Sponsors shall meet the general requirements of moral suitability set out in Article 94 of Legislative Decree 36/2023.


Value (€)

Afternoon catering service – provide food & drinks, staff and required set-up for 100 people

5/07/2024 from 16.30-17.30
1500 (estimated value)

HT Offering

Type of Sponsorship
Contribution (€)
Provide the event afternoon catering service for HT kids and their parents

Sponsors’ logo on the event program and related material.

Opportunity for the sponsor to distribute promotional printed material during the event.

Featuring of the sponsors’ logo/digital flyer on the digital totems placed in the HT covered piazza during the event.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • “Child-friendliness”, ie. suitability for, and ability of the proposed menu and overall offer, to meet the taste of a young audience (ages 3-12)
  • quality and freshness of the food offer
  • creativity with regard to service set-up and presentation.

Application Instructions:

Please fill in the “Sponsorship Form”, ticking and filling “Sponsorship proposal referring to HT Call No. XXX.” box, and send it to the following e-mail address: htechnopole@pec.fondazioneht.it