Ivano Legnini

Ivano Legnini is a molecular and systems biologist interested in gene regulation.

He graduated in Genetics and Molecular Biology at Sapienza University of Rome in 2012. He worked on non-coding RNA and post-transcriptional gene regulation in the lab of Irene Bozzoni, where he completed his PhD in 2016. He then won an EMBO fellowship and joined the lab of Nikolaus Rajewsky at the Max Delbrück Center – Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, where he established different lines of research, for example developing FLAM-seq for studying poly(A) tail regulation, and combining optogenetics with spatial transcriptomics to study spatial regulation of gene expression in organoid models of neurodevelopment. He moved to Milan and started his lab at HT in March 2023, working in the fields of gene regulation and RNA metabolism, as well as on developing new genomic technologies for perturbing and profiling gene expression.

Email: ivano.legnini [at] fht.org

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