Nicola Crosetto

My main research interest is in developing and applying sequencing- and microscopy-based methods to investigate the interplay between genome structure, function, and fragility in health and disease, with a strong focus on cancer. In this arena, I am strongly committed to developing user-friendly and cost-effective methods that can be translated into useful clinical applications.

Over the years, I have developed numerous tools, including the first method for genome-wide mapping of DNA double-strand breaks (BLESS, Nat Meth 2013) and its downstream improvements (BLISS, Nat Commun 2017; sBLISS, Nat Prot 2020), as well as a variety of sequencing- (CUTseq, Nat Commun 2019; GPSeq, Nat Biotechnol 2020; COVseq, Nat Commun 20221) and microscopy-based methods (HD-FISH, Nat Meth 2013; FuseFISH, Cell Rep 2014; RollFISH, Comm Bio 2018; iFISH, Nat Commun 2019; FRET-FISH, Nat Commun 2022) for studying various aspects of genome structure and fragility.