Piero Carninci

Piero Carninci is a geneticist, Head of the Genomics Research Centre (Functional Genomics programme) as well as Team Leader for Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology at the RIKEN Centre for Integrative Medical Sciences in Yokohama (Japan). Piero is responsible for the creation and development of various new technologies for DNA and RNA sequencing and analysis. He has also been involved in leading many large scale national and international initiatives, such as FANTOM, ENCODE and more recently the Human Cell Atlas. He has been living in Japan for the past 20 years and since late 2019 has been bringing his expert advice to help build and develop the Genomics Research Centre.

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  • 07/2022 - Cell

    Recombination of repeat elements generates somatic complexity in human genomes

    Non-allelic recombination between homologous repetitive elements contributes to evolution and human genetic disorders. Here, we combine short- and long-DNA read sequencing of repeat elements with a new bioinformatics pipeline to show that somatic recombination of Alu and L1 elements is widespread in the human genome. Our analysis uncovers tissue-specific non-allelic homologous recombination hallmarks; moreover, we […]

  • 04/2021 - Genome Research

    Antisense RNAs during early vertebrate development are divided in groups with distinct features

    Long noncoding RNAs or lncRNAs are a class of non-protein-coding RNAs that are >200 nucleotides in length. Almost 50% of lncRNAs during zebrafish development are transcribed in an antisense direction to a protein-coding gene. However, the role of these Natural Antisense Transcripts or NATs during development remains enigmatic. To understand NATs in early vertebrate development, […]