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Social Media Policy

1) Object

Human Technopole Foundation (hereinafter HT) makes use of digital web tools in order to inform, communicate and keep external users updated on the activities it carries out, as well as to share job opportunities. To this end, HT uses the institutional website (humantechnopole.it) and the social media channels as indicated below.

The website and the social networks are managed by the Communications Area staff, who may occasionally make use of external collaborators and consultants.

2) Purpose

The External Social Media Policy has been prepared in order to inform external users about the rules of behaviour to be respected in the digital spaces of Human Technopole. The final version of the document is available to users on the HT website.

3) Digital and social channels

For its activities the Foundation relies on:

4) Contents

The content published on HT’s social channels is designed to inform external users about the main activities of the institute, as well as on projects, initiatives, events and news about activities curated by HT.

Social channels are also used to foster stakeholder engagement through discussion and dialogue with a view to transparency and collaboration.

The staff of the Communications Area may create original content of a textual, photographic, infographic, video, etc. nature, which may be used under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence. Contents and messages of public interest and utility produced by third parties (institutions, associations, media, users) may also be shared and relaunched through the institute’s channels.

The advertising spaces in the margins of the content published on the pages of the social networks used by HT are not controlled by the Foundation but are managed independently by the managers of the individual social networks.

5) Moderation

Human Technopole’s digital and social channels are regularly moderated by staff in the Communications Area during the Foundation’s working hours.

HT manages the spaces for communication and dialogue within its profiles on the various social networks by asking its users – who have the opportunity to actively participate through forms of interaction such as comments, messages or self-publication of content – to respect some simple rules:

  • To always express one’s opinion in a fair and measured manner without using polemical and indignant tones, basing it as far as possible on verifiable facts and objective circumstances, and to respect the opinions of others and the image of HT, its employees, collaborators and suppliers.
  • On social networks, everyone is responsible for the content they publish and the opinions they express. Insults, vulgarity, threats and, in general, violent behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Published content must always respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals. References to facts or details of no public relevance that are harmful to the personal sphere of third parties should be avoided.
  • The interest of the topics in relation to the purposes of HT is an essential requirement: it is not possible to use these spaces for purposes other than the institutional ones of the Foundation.
  • Each discussion is linked to a specific theme: all participants are asked to respect it, avoiding widening the discussion in a generic and indiscriminate way.
  • Any form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities is not tolerated.
  • For the protection of the users who write, posts/comments that directly or indirectly disseminate personal information of a particular kind in accordance with Article 9 EU Reg. 2016/679 are not permitted.
  • Content that infringes copyright or the unauthorised use of trademarks is not permitted.

In any case, all posts, comments or audio/video material that include any of the following will be removed or hidden:

  • Have a political or propaganda content;
  • Present inappropriate language and/or a threatening tone and/or violent, vulgar or disrespectful behaviour;
  • Have contents that are offensive, defamatory or disparaging to HT and which may harm its interests, image and reputation;
  • Present illegal content or content that incites illegal activities;
  • Have content that is offensive, misleading, alarmist or infringes the rights of third parties;
  • Disclose data and information that is personal or that may cause damage or harm the reputation of third parties;
  • Contain obscene, pornographic or child pornographic content or content likely to offend the common morals and sensibilities of users;
  • Have content that is discriminatory on grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions;
  • Promote or support illegal activities, copyright infringement or misuse of a registered trademark;
  • Include so-called ‘off topic’ comments;
  • Include personal data of a particular kind in accordance with Article 9 EU Reg. 2016/679.

Judgements to remove posts, comments or other content are final. Anything published by users of social networks is subject to the terms of service of the various social networks and may be used by these companies as per their terms and conditions. For more information, please consult the respective terms of service.

In the event of any violation of the aforementioned terms and conditions or those contained in the terms of service of the tools used, HT reserves the right to ban or block the user (where possible after an initial warning) in order to prevent further actions, and to report the user to the platform managers and possibly to the police (in cases of criminal offences).

Messages containing personal data (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) as well as those concerning health conditions may be removed to protect the persons concerned.

6) Response time and modalities

The modalities and times of response to questions, requests and instances addressed to HT may vary depending on their nature and the channel used. In case the social channels are not the adequate tool to satisfy specific requests of the users, the request will be forwarded to the Office considered competent. In any case, HT’s social profiles do not constitute the channel to collect specific reports or complaints that we invite to address to the competent service (Contact Us page).

7) Privacy and processing of personal data

Please note that the processing of personal data of users is in accordance with the policies in use on the platforms used. Any personal or special data pursuant to Art. 9 EU Reg. 2016/679 included in comments or posts published within the social media channels owned by HT will be removed.

Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to channel managers will be treated in accordance with Italian privacy laws and HT’s internal provisions.

8) Contact US