16 November 2020

Leaders of Genomics Research Centre announced

Milan, 11 November 2020 – Human Technopole, Italy’s new research centre for life sciences, has announced the leadership of the Genomics Research Centre with the appointment of Nicole Soranzo and Piero Carninci as Heads of the Centre. The joint appointment represents the strategic approach of the Institute to develop dual research programmes in Population and […]

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26 October 2020

Project Score database: a resource that will help designing the next generation of anti-cancer drugs

A new paper published by Nuclear Acids Research and co-authored by Francesco Iorio, Group Leader at the Centre for Computational Biology, describes the creation of Project Score: a web portal enabling users to estimate the potential of each gene as a therapeutic target of future anti-cancer drugs. Project Score, created and maintained by the group of Mathew Garnett at […]

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19 October 2020

From HT five million euro for young researchers

A programme to make Human Technopole resources and infrastructure available to young researchers at the start of their career, to support them in the development of their scientific activity in Italy. This is the aim of the ECF Programme published today by Human Technopole, the Italian institute for life sciences, organised in collaboration with the […]

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04 May 2020

Joint collaboration with University of Padua

Human Technopole is collaborating with the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua and with the Paediatric Research Institute Città della Speranza of Padua to support the genetic and transcriptomic analysis of the population of Vo’ and of samples from COVID-positive patients collected by the University Hospital of Padua. These analysis, together with […]

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