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HT at Social Innovation Campus

Human Technopole takes part in the second edition of the Social Innovation Campus promoted by MIND’s Social Innovation Academy of MIND of Fondazione Triulza. The initiative, which will take place entirely online on 3-4 February 2021, is aimed at young people, university and secondary schools students.

The theme of this year’s campus is “Social Tech: a reaction to restart“, with the aim of bringing together all the best innovations, energies and ideas to react to the difficult economic and social scenario created by the pandemic. The themes of sustainable development and the co-design approach between different worlds that characterize the Campus are also in line with the objectives of the “Next Generation EU” (Recovery fund): accelerating the dual green and digital transition and strengthening social enterprises through innovation processes.

Here the details of HT’s events:

Wednesday 3 February h11.00

Scientific innovations: cryo-electron microscopy

Paolo Swuec, Head of CryoElectron Microscopy Facility

Thursday 4 February h14.30

New scientific professions: the importance of computer scientists for the future of scientific research

Francesco Iorio, Group Leader of the Computational Biology Research Centre

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