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Human Technopole and University of Milan sign agreement

12 June 2019 – The Rector of Università Statale in Milan Elio Franzini and the President of Human Technopole Marco Simoni met today to sign a partnership agreement that foresees a series of important collaborations in the fields of science and education between the two institutions.

The agreement lays the foundation for synergies in the use of laboratories and research facilities, the exchange of research staff at all levels, the development of research projects and programs in areas of common interest and joint public engagement activities. Further details will be set in subsequent and specific program agreements.

Elio Franzini, Rector of the University, commented: “Today we begin an important collaboration between our University and Human Technopole in a great variety of areas of  common interest, particularly in the field of life sciences. This will allow synergies and strategic opportunities for both institutions, enhancing our potential in scientific research and     education, in the development of international networks and projects, in technological innovation and in the dissemination of  scientific culture”.

We are proud to start from Milan and Università Statale with the first of a series of agreements that we intend to sign with various Italian universities to facilitate the exchange of  information and resources and create opportunities for mutual   development”, underlined President Marco Simoni. “Human Technopole has the ambition to be an institution open to collaborations with universities, hospitals, institutions and centers. To enrich and add value to the existing ecosystem of Italian research.


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