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Human Technopole takes part in the Milano Digital Week

This year Human Technopole, took part in Milano Digital Week, which in this edition was held in virtual mode on the event’s website.

Francesco Iorio, Group Leader of the Centre for Computational Biology, gave a keynote speech entitled “Genomic editing and big data for precision medicine in oncology“.

Francesco Iorio’s intervention starts from estimated numbers- in the course of one’s life, 1 out of 2 people will develop some form of cancer – and from the observation that, unfortunately, at the moment, there are still too few targeted drugs capable of defusing the vital mechanisms of cancer, attacking it selectively and without causing severe side effects.

Recently, new frontiers for personalised medicine are opening up thanks to

advances in genomic editing, big data of various kinds – biomedical and non biomedical and genomic – and the reduction of molecular profiling costs. These aspects are allowing scientists to make great steps in the discovery of new therapeutic targets and related molecular markers for predicting therapeutic response in patients. We are therefore witnessing a paradigm shift in the development of new anti-cancer drugs, which promises enormous benefits for cancer patients and their quality of life.

Watch the video here.


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