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Innovation Intergroup visits MIND and HT

14 September 2020 – An opportunity for dialogue and discussion today at MIND and Palazzo Italia between a selection of Members of Parliament, part of the Innovation Intergroup led by Hon. Nicolò Invidia and MIND partners.

The first part of the meeting was attended by Igor De Biasio, Arexpo CEO, Andrea Ruckstuhl, EMEA Lendlease Director, Stefano Minnini MIND Project Coordinator Lendlease, Massimo Minelli, President of the Triulza Foundation and Elena Bottinelli, CEO, IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi to present evolution of the project from EXPO Milano 2015 to today.

The visit continued at Palazzo Italia where MPs had the opportunity to meet Human Technopole director Iain Mattaj who stressed the importance of the research project to attract back to Italy the best scientific talents and help strengthen the national ecosystem.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Alessandro Vannini, Dr. Gaia Pigino, Dr. Paolo Swuec, Prof. Giuseppe Testa, dr. Florian Jug and Dr. Francesco Iorio.


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