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MoU between HT and Associazione Civita

Human Technopole and Associazione Civita kick off the new year by signing a memorandum of understanding to carry out joint activities to promote scientific culture and dissemination of knowledge.

HT is the new Italian research institute for life sciences. As part of its mission, HT aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and reinforce the message that science is a public good. Since 1988 Associazione Civita has been engaged in building an innovative and fruitful dialogue between the economic and cultural world and has always paid great attention to the dissemination of knowledge to the wider public. Thanks to the MoU signed by Human Technopole President, Marco Simoni, and Secretary General of Associazione Civita, Simonetta Giordani, the two institues will work together on an annual program of initiatives, meetings and cultural insights aimed at a varied audience.


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