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Our first buildings for experimental labs

The construction works for Human Technopole’s first experimental laboratories have been completed today. The spaces, known as “incubator labs“, are made up of three high-tech prefabricated buildings, which will allow HT scientists to perform their research activities until the completion of the South Building, scheduled for 2026.

The three buildings are positioned next to Palazzo Italia and the Tree of Life, covering an area of over 5.000 square meters. Two of the structures, both built on two floors, will be dedicated mainly to laboratory spaces, while the third, single story building will host part of HT’s Cryo-electron microscopy facility, with two microscopes, a control room and an area for the preparation of samples. The incubator labs will host 130 wet lab workstations, including benches for experimental researchers, support desks and laboratories, instrument rooms, cell cultures, core services (washing and sterilisation, warehouse, etc.) and some offices. The incubator labs will be operational from May 2021 and will host the first batch of scientists from the Structural Biology, Genomics and Neurogenomics Research Centres.

In addition, the labs are equipped with a photovoltaic system of two generators with a power of 44 kW that will allow significant energy savings in line with Human Technopole’s sustainability approach.

Human Technopole Director Iain Mattaj comments: “In recent months, Human Technopole’s scientists have been able to carry out their research activities thanks to collaborations with their home institutes. Now they are being handed the keys to their “new home”: state-of-the-art laboratories that will be progressively equipped with the most innovative instruments which we will use in the spirit of openness that characterises HT. The opening of the first laboratories marks an important step that will allow us to further accelerate the recruitment of scientific personnel, welcome the first winners of the Early Career Fellows Programme and start our training activity with courses and workshops for young scientists”.  

Human Technopole Foundation President Marco Simoni underlines: “We are very proud to be able to announce the end of the constructions works for Human Technopole’s first experimental laboratories. In a little over a year and a half we were able to complete the buildings, despite the slowdowns and difficulties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The excellence of Italian research is recognised worldwide, but we must equip our country with research infrastructures with cutting-edge laboratories and facilities able to attract the best international talents. In a phase so critical for Italy, it is essential to invest in science, research and innovation to build a solid foundation for our future”.


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