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President Marco Simoni attended the Milano Digital Week

During the Milan Digital Week, President Marco Simoni participated in a debate on Goal 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to discuss possible changes in the strategy to achieve this important goal in light of the Covid19 emergency.

President Simoni stressed how this pandemic has generated a short-circuit that has led to the economic and to several social repercussions. He underlined how some lessons can be drawn for the future, in particular the importance of preparing societies to face some global challenges of our time.

The President highlighted how sustainability must go hand in hand with the ability of society to become increasingly ready to face these challenges through the development of new sectors capable of making the community stronger. 

The video of President Simoni’s speech is available here: https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/venture-thinking-sdg-11-le-citta-come-ecosistemi-sostenibili-dalla-quantita-delle-connessioni-alla-qualita-delle-relazioni/


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