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Prime Minister Conte at Palazzo Italia

Milan, 5 November – Today Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was at Palazzo Italia to meet all the subjects involved in making it the new “house” for sciences in Italy.  

A lot of institutions attended the event. Among them, Paola De Micheli (Minister for Infrastructure and Transport), Stefano Buffagni (Deputy Minister for Economic Developement), senator Elena Cattaneo and Diana Bracco (president of the National Technology Cluster Advanced Life Science in Italy – ALISEI).

During its visit, Giuseppe Conte met Marco Simoni (president of Human Technopole), Iain Mattaj (director of Human Technopole) and all the people who works everyday inside Palazzo Italia.

According to Marco Simoni “Today marks another step onward for the development of Human Technopole. We must continue to work with determination and gratitude, because there is nothing more satisfying than working to build something for younger generations”.  

Photos of the event are available here: https://bit.ly/2NmurR2


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