Analysis decisions and society

The Centre for Analysis, Decisions and Society (CADS) represents a novel and highly interesting feature of Human Technopole, though considerably different in nature from the other Human Technopole Research Centres, it equally shares with them a strong focus on human biology at the molecular scale.

A joint project with the Politecnico di Milano, the Centre for Analysis, Decisions and Society will operate using advanced (big) data analysis techniques, including statistical and artificial intelligence methods, to analyse and integrate large-scale data deriving from heterogeneous sources (both internal to HT and external), such as clinical data, socioeconomic data, etc., mainly in the areas of precision medicine, healthcare and health economics.

The Centre for Analysis, Decisions and Society is envisioned to transfer this knowledge by providing analysis and advice to different stakeholders, but in particular policymakers, as the design and implementation of models to evaluate the socio-economic impact on the national health system of various aspects of precision medicine can be important tools to help design policy to optimise efforts in this area.

Centre members

CADS steering committee