Health Data Science

Di Angelantonio & Ieva Group

In the Di Angelantonio & Ieva Group, epidemiologists, statisticians and data scientists work together to bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype by studying multiple layers of biomolecular data to investigate health from molecules to diseases. To achieve this aim, we develop innovative studies to integrate and link biomolecular data with electronic health records (EHRs), imaging, wearable and other data. We use already available data (e.g. hospital records, prescription records, cohort studies), generate new data from population studies and develop new analytical methods integrated with clinical epidemiology and healthcare research to improve data analysis and interpretation.

By linking molecular and health records, our research will offer major actionable insights into several fields including biology, disease aetiology, risk prediction, early detection, and therapeutic targeting. The methodological approaches we develop will be applied to personalized medicine, with benefits for individual patients’ health, as well as to larger health studies by leveraging the power of large-scale data, with remarkable advances for public health, health data analytics and the development of targeted policy interventions.

Current areas of research include understanding of causal risk factors and development of risk prediction models for non-communicable diseases, using novel analytical approaches to combine different levels of information including omics, genetics and electronic health records.

Group members