Francesca Ieva




Francesca Ieva is an associate professor of Statistics at Politecnico di Milano. She got the PhD in Mathematical Models and Methods for Engineering at Politecnico in 2012, then she was hosted by the MRC Biostatistic Unit in Cambridge before becoming a junior researcher at Università statale di Milano (Department of Mathematics) in 2013 and a tenure track professor at MOX – Modelling and Scientific Computing lab, within the Department of Mathematics of Politecnico di Milano, in 2016.
Her research activity has been always focused on statistical learning in biomedical context, both from a methodological and applied point of view. In particular, she deals with health analytics for complex data in medicine.

Her main contributions regard the application of Functional Data Analysis, Survival models, Artificial Intelligence and Nonparametric Statistics to administrative data, electronic health records, medical imaging and genomic data, with the aim of defining suitable patient representation to inform predictive models for personalized medicine.


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