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06/2018 - Tractography–Based Atlas of the Healthy Cortico-Spinal Tract

The corticospinal tract is a critical white matter pathway as it connects the primary motor cortex to the spinal cord and handles voluntary motion. Atlases of major brain connections do exist, but, surprisingly, atlases that depict the actual localisation of a specific pathway are missing. In this work, we propose a comprehensive statistical methodology for […]

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01/2018 - Structural basis of RNA polymerase III transcription initiation

RNA polymerase (Pol) III transcribes essential non-coding RNAs, including the entire pool of transfer RNAs, the 5S ribosomal RNA and the U6 spliceosomal RNA, and is often deregulated in cancer cells. The initiation of gene transcription by Pol III requires the activity of the transcription factor TFIIIB to form a transcriptionally active Pol III preinitiation […]

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11/2017 - On Economic Complexity and the Fitness of Nations

Complex economic systems can often be described by a network, with nodes representing economic entities and edges their interdependencies, while network centrality is often a good indicator of importance. Recent publications have implemented a nonlinear iterative Fitness-Complexity (FC) algorithm to measure centrality in a bipartite trade network, which aims to represent the ‘Fitness’ of national […]

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