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04/2021 - Antisense RNAs during early vertebrate development are divided in groups with distinct features

Long noncoding RNAs or lncRNAs are a class of non-protein-coding RNAs that are >200 nucleotides in length. Almost 50% of lncRNAs during zebrafish development are transcribed in an antisense direction to a protein-coding gene. However, the role of these Natural Antisense Transcripts or NATs during development remains enigmatic. To understand NATs in early vertebrate development, […]

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03/2021 - Integrated cross-study datasets of genetic dependencies in cancer

CRISPR-Cas9 viability screens are increasingly performed at a genome-wide scale across large panels of cell lines to identify new therapeutic targets for precision cancer therapy. Integrating the datasets resulting from these studies is necessary to adequately represent the heterogeneity of human cancers and to assemble a comprehensive map of cancer genetic vulnerabilities. Here, we integrated […]

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03/2021 - Ccdc113/Ccdc96 complex, a novel regulator of ciliary beating that connects radial spoke 3 to dynein g and the nexin link

Ciliary beating requires the coordinated activity of numerous axonemal complexes. The protein composition and role of radial spokes (RS), nexin links (N-DRC) and dyneins (ODAs and IDAs) is well established. However, how information is transmitted from the central apparatus to the RS and across other ciliary structures remains unclear. Here, we identify a complex comprising […]

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