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  • Call for Human Technopole Director

    The Human Technopole Foundation has published an open call to appoint an outstanding scientist and visionary leader as its second Director to guide the next stages of the life sciences research Institute’s development. Current Director Iain Mattaj will complete his four-year mandate on 31 December 2022. Having reached 70 years of age, Prof. Mattaj is […]

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  • HT Workshop – Single-cell sequencing technologies & applications

    COURSE OVERVIEW This workshop would like to promote training and interaction between scientists and professionals working in the field of single-cell genomics in order to spark scientific exchange and a create community. Internationally renewed external and internal speakers will present the latest advances in single-cell multiomics analysis in different fields of research. Junior researchers who […]

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  • HT Cryo-EM Symposium

    At Human Technopole, the mission of the Structural Biology Centre is to gain a precise knowledge of the structure of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes, which is essential to understand how they function. To this aim, the Cryo-EM Facility is designed to efficiently combine Single-Particle Analysis (SPA), Electron Tomography (ET) and Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM) […]

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Research at HT

Improving human health and well-being is the ultimate goal of Human Technopole. We need to prevent and cure diseases to allow people of all ages to not only live longer, but also live better.

Discover more about our:

Thanks to a global and interdisciplinary study of human biology, our research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms at the basis of various diseases, leveraging the technological advances of the last decade and the enormous amount of biological, clinical and socio-economic data currently available to improve our healthcare systems and our overall quality of life.

Human Technopole’s research is based on five interdisciplinary research centres: Genomics, Neurogenomics, Structural Biology, Computational Biology and Health Data Science. Research activity is supported by six state-of-the-art facilities.

Work with us

We offer the opportunity to be part of a new, dynamic research institute promoting a highly collaborative and international working environment.

We aim to attract the best resources in each field with a selection based on merit and transparency as we believe that highly diverse teams produce the best and most innovative results.

If you are a passionate person who likes to seize great challenges, consider applying for one of our scientific or administrative vacancies. 

Latest news

To keep up to date with Human Technopole’s development and the activities of the institute, sign up to our newsletter. The HT newsletter is sent every three months or so to share what is happening at HT: news, events, scientific and dissemination initiatives, job and training opportunities and much more.
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships 2022 at HT

    Human Technopole is looking for enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers interested in applying for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships 2022. Projects should focus on one of the areas of the five HT’s Research Centres: Computational Biology, Structural Biology, Genomics, Neurogenomics and Health Data Science. The objective of PFs is to support researchers’ careers and foster excellence in […]

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  • Post-translational modifications in control of human thyroglobulin

    Thyroglobulin is the protein precursor of thyroid hormones, key regulators of vertebrate development and metabolism. On the occasion of World Thyroid Day, Laura Tosatto and Francesca Coscia discuss how post-translational modifications (PTM) of thyroglobulin can regulate thyroid gland function in health and disease. They also highlight the importance of combining structural biology, proteomics, and genomics […]

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  • HT Welcomes ISTA to Discuss New Frontiers in Life Sciences

    The leadership of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria-ISTA is visiting Human Technopole for a day of talks and seminars. Thanks to the use of organoids, Human Technopole’s Centre for Neurogenomics and ISTA have already collaborated on a study on autism spectrum disorder caused by mutations in the CHD8 gene, recently published in the […]

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  • Why do we have preferences towards certain foods?

    A new study in Nature Communications by Nicola Pirastu and colleagues identifies new loci involved in individual food choice in a large-scale genome-wide association study and deepens our understanding of the genetics behind food liking. French politician Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin gained fame for his passion for food and the aphorism “Tell me what you eat: […]

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  • Introducing Luisa Zuccolo

    Luisa Zuccolo is an epidemiologist interested in the interplay between maternal and child health. She will be joining HT from the University of Bristol (UK), where she is a Senior Lecturer at the Integrative Epidemiology Unit, Department of Population Health Sciences. Luisa will join HT in July 2022, but she is already working to build […]

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  • Plenty of algae to study human ciliopathies

    The green solution that bubbles in the Chlamy farm, within the “Chlamy” room on the ground floor of Incubator 1 on the Human Technopole campus, is a mixture of water, salts and algae. It is part of a 60+ litre culture of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (later referred as Chlamy), a species of algae that is used […]

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  • HT Event – Knowledge Economy and Social Impact

    When: Friday 6 May 2022, 10.30-12.30 Where: Aula dei Gruppi parlamentari, Via di Campo Marzio, 78 – Roma Programme The event will focus on the role of science and technology as a driver of social and cultural development and innovation. A high-level panel of experts will share their experiences, together with Economy and Finance Minister, Daniele […]

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  • Convenzione Ministries – Human Technopole: Second level consultation open

    The Convenzione signed on December 30, 2020 between the Ministries of Economy and Finance, of Health and of University and Research and the Human Technopole Foundation governs the realization at Human Technopole of National Facilities (NFs), which must meet the definition of research infrastructure adopted by the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI)[1], i.e., […]

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  • Life Science, the Italian Way

    There are many ways to do something, at least as many as there are cultures. In Italy we have our way: we believe that improving people’s health is an art which need continuous research, passion and attention to details. We know that research is made of small details and that innovation is a dress to […]

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  • Expo

    10/2015 – EXPO Milan 2015

    EXPO Milan 2015 comes to an end after six months and millions of visitors. Ongoing discussions between the Italian Government and local institutions continue to decide the future use of the area. The aim is to identify a project in continuity with EXPO’s legacy in terms of sustainability, health and opportunities for young people.
  • Area EXPO prima

    11/2015 – An executive project for Human Technopole

    A government decree gives mandate to the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in collaboration with local institutions, research centres and hospitals to develop a scientific proposal and an executive project for Human Technopole in the area which hosted EXPO Milan 2015.
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    09/2016 – The Human Technopole project is definitively approved via a government decree

    The Human Technopole project is definitively approved via a government decree. Two entities are established: the Project Structure and the Coordination Committee with the task of guiding and supervising the initial phase of the project until the establishment of the Human Technopole Foundation within the next 24 months.
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    12/2016 – Budget Law for 2017

    The Italian Parliament approves the Budget Law for 2017. The law allocates long-term financial resources to the Human Technopole project.
  • Sito EXPO 2015, Stato dei lavori; Padiglioni in costruzione; Area del Palazzo Italia, dettaglio cartello segnaletica (Nicola Marfisi/Fotogramma, Milano - 2014-10-10) p.s. la foto e' utilizzabile nel rispetto del contesto in cui e' stata scattata, e senza intento diffamatorio del decoro delle persone rappresentate

    31/03/2017 – Plan for the Human Technopole campus

    The Project Structure and the Coordination Committee approve the plan for the Human Technopole Campus.
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    07/2017 – Call for HT Director

    The search for the first Human Technopole Director is launched. The 46 candidates are evaluated by an international commission chaired by Prof. Martin Chalfie, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2008.
  • 09/2017 – Men at work in Palazzo Italia

    The renovation works for Palazzo Italia begin.
  • 12/2017 – Human Technopole staff takes office in the building

    The fourth floor of Palazzo Italia is operational and a first round of Human Technopole staff takes office in the building.
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    03/2018 – Statute of the Human Technopole Foundation

    The Statute of the Human Technopole Foundation is approved by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers.
  • Marco Simoni

    05/2018 – First members of Human Technopole’s Supervisory Board

    The first members of Human Technopole’s Supervisory Board, including the President Prof. Marco Simoni are nominated. The Supervisory Board is the governing and controlling body of the Foundation.
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    06/2018 – Iain Mattaj becomes first Director of Human Technople

    The Supervisory Board nominates Prof. Iain Mattaj as first Human Technopole Director. Prof. Mattaj takes on the role after 13 years at the head of EMBL, the European Laboratory for Molecular Biology.
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    10/2018 – Management Committee

    The Supervisory Board appoints the four members of the Management Committee, a body chaired by the Director and responsible for ensuring the orderly progress and achievements of the Foundation’s objectives.
  • Iain Mattaj

    31/01/2019 – Director Mattaj takes office at Palazzo Italia

    Director Mattaj takes office at Palazzo Italia together with the first administrative managers including the Head of Operations and the Head of Strategy & Scientific Affairs.
  • MILANO Human Technopole, Palazzo Italia, Mind ex area expo.

    05/2019 – Tender for new HT building is announced

    The call for tenders for the design of the new Human Technopole building, the headquarters of the institute’s laboratories, is announced.
  • 10/2019 – The first seven scientists that will lead the first research centre

    Human Technopole announces the first seven scientists that will lead the first research centres: five Italians and two foreigners. For many of them HT is the first work experience in Italy after building their careers in some of the best international research centres.
  • Cerimonia di apertura della sede di Human Technopole con premier Giuseppe Conte

    11/2019 – Prime Minister Conte at Palazzo Italia

    At the presence of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Palazzo Italia is officially inaugurated as the institutional headquarters of Human Technopole, following the completion of complex renovation works.
  • 30/11/2019 – Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board, responsible for the evaluation of the Foundation’s scientific activity is nominated. Chair of the Board is Walter Ricciardi and its members include internationally renowned scientists.
  • Human Technopole Logo

    01/2020 – HT new logo and corporate identity

    Human Technopole has a new logo and a new corporate identity which symbolise the Foundation’s mission and values.
  • COVID 19

    03/2020 – COVID 19: HT accelerates its research activity

    To tackle the global health emergency, Human Technopole accelerates its research activity by launching projects and collaborations with some of Italy’s main scientific research institutes and contribute to the fight against Covid19.
  • New building

    03/04/2020 – A new building for scientific research

    The winning project for the design of the new Human Technopole building is presented during an online press conference. Ten floors high, over 16,500 square meters dedicated to laboratories for scientific research and 3,000 square meters of terraces and green spaces, are at the heart of the winning project.
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    06/2020 – OPEN HT: open doors to the Italian research community

    HT virtually opens its doors to representatives of the scientific community: over 200 Italian actors in the field of life sciences, including representatives of all Italian universities and IRCCS and of the main research centres and institutes attend the event. Minister of University and Research, Prof. Gaetano Manfredi gives a keynote speech.
  • Mission Human Technopole

    10/2020 – From HT five million euro for young researchers

    In collaboration with the Italian Ministry of University and Research, HT launches the first edition of the Early Career Fellowship Programme: an initiative to give five young researchers the opportunity to compete for a grant worth 200.000 euro per year for five years, for an overall investment of 5 million euro.
  • Soranzo-Carninci

    11/2020 – Leaders of the Genomics Research Centre announced

    Geneticists Nicole Soranzo and Piero Carninci will respectively lead on Population and Medical Genomics and on Functional Genomics.
  • 02/2021 – Incubator labs

    Construction works for the incubator labs are completed.
  • 04/2021 – North & South Pavilion works are completed

    Originally built for Expo Milano 2015 they will now host research lab and facility spaces
  • 05/2021 – Celebrating innovators on the streets of MIND

    The Cardo, Human Technopole headquarters, is dedicated to Rita Levi-Montalcini, Nobel prize for Medicine
  • 05/2021 – Our first 100 employees

    Human Technopole reaches its first 100 employees
  • 05/2021 – CryoEM microscopes installed

  • 12/2021 – Recruitment of scientific and administrative staff

    The recruitment of scientific and administrative staff continues and at the end of 2021 over 200 people work for Human Technopole.
  • 02/2022 – Experimental laboratories inaugurated

    The first experimental laboratories inaugurated within the incubator labs built in the area adjacent to the Tree of Life.
  • 03/2022 – Cryo-EM facility

    The Cryo-EM facility is operational.
  • New building (

    10/2026 – Construction of South Building

    Construction of South Building is complete.
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