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18 PhD opportunities at HT through SEMM

Human Technopole is offering up to 18 fully funded PhD fellowships to young scientists from the national and international community who wish to undertake a doctoral degree in Computational Biology, Genomics, Neurogenomics and Structural Biology.

We encourage applications from highly motivated graduates with outstanding academic qualifications. Successful candidates will join research groups headed by top-level scientists and will carry out their research in cutting-edge fields in a stimulating environment.

The PhDs are available through the SEMM PhD Program in Systems Medicine. Apply here. Deadline 19 July 2021!

Check out the HT groups participating in this frame:

Calviello Group, Carninci Group, Casañal Group, Coscia Group, Davila Velderrain Group, Erdmann Group, Harschnitz Group, Iorio Group, Kalebic Group, Soranzo Group, Soskic Group, Sottoriva Group, Taverna Group, Testa Group, Vannini Group


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