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Our laboratories are currently under construction, but Human Technopole plays its part in tackling the current global healthcare crisis. Human Technopole scientists have already set up projects and collaborations with the main research institutes in Italy and abroad to contribute to the fight against COVID 19.

Florian Jug, HT Group Leader in the Centre for Computational Biology and Head of the Image Analysis Facility, together with other data scientists and life science experts has launched Data Against COVID, an online platform to offer clinicians, virologists, immunologists and others fast and free help to professionally crunch numbers and solve any data analysis problem that needs solving.

The initiative brings together data science experts and software developers who volunteer their time and expertise to assist researchers or healthcare professionals working on the frontline of the COVID-19 emergency. The project is committed to working on any issue needing a solid solution that can then help to mitigate the problems arising in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the inception of the project on March 18, more than 500 highly skilled volunteer data scientists have signed up, about 50 research group leaders expressed the support of their groups, and the public discussion forum has experienced over 60.000 topic reads in the last 10 days alone[1].

The total amount of submitted datasets and analysis problems are, so far, not charge the volunteers at capacity, and everybody with COVID-related data or analysis problems is welcome to request help, independent if the solution is only a small data analysis script to be created, a visualisation for some data, a web-app to organize ICU supplies, or a fully fletched research project that will require a complex machine learning approach to be solved.

Furthermore, the project is in constant exchange with other similar initiatives to streamline all available services and prevent undesired fragmentation or duplication of efforts. A single landing page United Against COVID has been created and is happy to list other related initiatives.

More information can be found on Twitter or directly on the discussion forum of Data Against COVID.


[1] Numbers as of March 29th


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