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HT Director’s Lectio Magistralis

Human Technopole’s Director Marino Zerial was invited last week to give the Lectio Magistralis during the inauguration ceremony of University of Genoa’s academic year 2023-2024.

Building networks is the only way we can aim to solve major problems and challenges. In this sense, HT’s National Facilities represent a unique opportunity to bring added value to the Italian life sciences ecosystem and support the creation of a strong and internationally competitive national community” underlined Director Zerial during his presentations entitled “Human Technopole, the open innovation hub for life sciences” which opened the academic year at the University of Genoa, outlining the upcoming challenges for medical research.

Director Zerial’s presentation provided students and institutions present at the inauguration with an overview of the current status of the HT project as well as the institute’s new research mission aimed at unravelling fundamental mechanisms of biological systems, relevant to human disease, using a multi-scale systems biology approach. Human Technopole researchers will therefore investigate the emergent properties of biological systems across scales and how these evolve.

The lectio was also an opportunity to share information on the upcoming National Facilities, which will support the national community by providing access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, training opportunities and technology development. In turn this will support the development of scientific collaborations with HT researchers and increase the impact of Italian research worldwide.

The inauguration ceremony included welcoming remarks by University of Genoa Rector Federico Delfino, President of the Conference of Rectores of Italian Universities (CRUI) Giovanna Iannantuoni as well as a musical tribute to Fabrizio de André.

Image credits: Università di Genova


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